Liberate Your Taste Buds! 

Dedicated to restoring the fine craft of real chocolate wherever discerning mouths are found. Marion's Legacy  is committed to providing fresh, handmade, nutritious, high quality chocolate at affordable prices. Our intent is to have everyone know about, and fall in love with the earth’s most perfect food - REAL chocolate. Want to become an instant Chocolate Connoisseur? Impress friends and influence taste buds with a dozen chocolate truffles.

Caution: May result in chocolate envy. Share responsibly.

Human Intent (and Cocoa Content) Matter

At Marion's Legacy, we aim to provide a sinfully satisfying departure from the low-carb, non-fat, eat-on-the-run diet many people follow today, hoping to provide everyone with something more wholesome and nutritious, but Trufflestill intoxicatingly delicious. We hope to change people's eating habits from fast chocolate, which is made with corn syrup and preservatives, to REAL chocolate, which is made with fresh local butter and cream, and the highest quality chocolate available. We never use preservatives or corn syrup in any of our products.

Chocolate: Food or Candy? Real cocoa provides an abundance of minerals, vitamins (B1, B2, and D), and antioxidants (A, C, and E – like those found in green and black tea), and is an excellent source of energy.

Our Truffles & Desserts For Special Events

For ages, chocolate truffles have been the number one gift item for all types of celebrations worldwide. They are the perfect size to give to guests at a wedding reception, anniversary dinner, holiday party, or family get-together, and add elegance to your special day.

Our truffles set the scene as soon as your guests arrive, and often become a point of conversation to begin the festivities. They can be arranged as a truffle tower at a dessert table or individually packaged at guest place settings.

At Marion's Legacy, we also make a variety of desserts that can be used at weddings, birthday parties, holiday get-togethers, business meetings, or any occasion where your goal is to impress guests. We also offer special order seasonal items, such as chocolate-dipped strawberries.

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